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WINNING 7-CARD STUD: Transforming Home Poker Chumps Into Casino Killers

Winning 7-card Stud is really two books in one. The first part, Chapters One and Two, take a complete novice or very inexperienced player and shows him or her, incrementally, how to become a winning player against the typically poor players he's liable to face at the low stakes 7-card stud tables -- the $1-3, $1-5, $2/4, 3/6, and $5/10 games he's liable to find in a casino, on line, or home game. The second part of the book show the intermediate player how to improve his game so he can beat the better players he might run across in those lower stakes games -- and the better players he'll surely run across in the $10/20 and higher games.

Winning teaches the player how to evaluate his or her hand on each round of betting, starting with the first three cards, and moving them through each stage of the betting. Winning lets the player know, mechanically at first, what hands to throw away, what cards to play, and how to play the hands he plays. The book then moves on to more advanced concepts like bluffing, semi-bluffing, reading other players, game selection, and money management.

Winning 7-card Stud is available through Amazon.com by clicking here.


Winning Low Limit No Limit Hold 'em follows a similar tutorial path as the stud book. The book starts by mechanically teaching a very basic style of play, meant to minimize losses as the new player learns the ropes. Winning takes a player through starting hands, and then through play on the flop, turn and river -- again emphasizing straight-forward, solid tight aggressive play. Following that, Winning covers the many important concepts that must shape the winning player's game -- tells, trapping, bluffing, semi-bluffing, and how to change tactics based on the opponent -- and how the opponent views you.

Winning is available as an ebook directly from the author for $10.00. Simply email Ashley to order a copy. It will be transmitted within 24 hours.

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